Staff Email List

Ally Morgan Para Educator
Amanda Cave 3rd Grade
Amanda Kelley Para Educator
Amanda Lewis Special Education Director
Amanda White Learning Center
Amy Holt 5th grade
Amy Hughes Board of Directors
Andrew Townsend Para Educator
Angela Pederson District Auxilary Services
Ann Penry 8th Grade
Art Sill Librarian
Barb Sneva Para Educator
Ben Winkes Board of Directors
Bennie Rawson Music
Bernie Turman Head Cook
Bre Urness Straight Tech Coordinator
Brenda Bartholow OT
Cheryl Nelson 3/4 Split Class
Cheryle Garcia Para Educator
Constance Stephens Kitchen
Crystal Kombol Couselor
Debbie Semritc Federal Programs Migrant/Billingual Dir.
Denny Alfred Tech
Dylan Sicklesteel Billingual Para Educator
Eleven Vexler LMHC
Holly Gildnes Para Educator
Jackie Wold Para Educator
Jake Scheer 6th Grade
Jason Rounds 4th Grade
Jeff Cravy Superintendent
Jennifer Featherstone Para Educator
Jennifer Moyer Psychologist
John Townsend 8th Grade
Josefina Arellano Custodian
Joy Patterson Kindergarten
Julie DeBellis 4th Grade
Julie Hummel Kindergarten
Julie Mitchell 2nd Grade
Katelin Benoit 1st grade
Kathy Jensen Custodian
Kathy Shapiro PT
Katie Woodard 5th Grade
Kelli Hutchens Administrative Assistant
Kelly Blau Social Worker
Kim Chonka Para Educator
Kim Turner PE/ASB
Lisa LaRocque 5th Grade
Maggie Woodard Nurse
Maria Benetti Para Educator
Maria Valerio Migrant program Home Visitor
Megan Hammer 3rd Grade
Melissa Brown 1st Grade
Monica Schmidt Social And Emational Teacher
Nancy Riches 6th Grade
Nate Wolfe Board of Directors
Nicole Purdue Bus Driver
Paige Durham Para Educator
Pam Hoyle SLP
Pamela Parker Bus Driver
Patti Hayes 7th Grade
Rhonda Berg Bus Driver/Kitchen
Ron Haywood 7th Grade
Sheena Wilson Para Educator
Steve Carpenter Custodian/Maintenance/Grounds
Steve Turman Custodian/Maintenance/Grounds
Sue Curtis Business Manger
Suzi Rivas Adminatrative Assistant
Thom Sicklesteel Board of Directors
Tiffany Ypma 2nd Grade
Tim Dickinson Principal
Todd Mitchell Bus Driver/Lunch Cashier
Toni Lockett CELP Para Educator
Tracy Beuckman Para Educator
Wade Melton Board of Directors

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