Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot MapConway School’s Parking Lot Procedures were developed in consultation with the Skagit County Sheriff’s department. Please follow these procedures every day when dropping your child off at school or picking your child up. The safety of our children is far more important than schedules that might be running late.

You may never load or unload in the red curb area by the gym.

There is one cross walk to be used to go from the parking lot to pick up your child. You may not cross the driveway at any other point during drop off and pick up times. Do not allow your children to run around the grassy area when waiting by the gym. Please reenter the parking lot through the same cross area adjacent to the gym during dismissal time.

Students who are waiting to be picked up in the drive through area will wait on the upper sidewalk of the office/middle school building. Students will walk down the stairs at the East end of the loading zone. Drivers are required to stay in line and in their car, continuing to pull forward in the loading zone until their child is loaded. If your child is not out and ready to be loaded in your car when you reach the end of the staging area, please pull down past the staging area or pull around to park in the parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation in driving slowly through our parking lot! Most days, we have all of our students loaded and on their way in 7-10 minutes. School busses have priority when they are ready to exit the parking lot, please give them the right of way. When everyone follows these procedures, our school is safe and our families avoid frustration!

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